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 Marcelle Avril-Monval, DPA, MBA  




 A Route To Hope 



We feel flattered by your visit today, and we want to let you know that it is a pleasure to welcome you to Youth & Family Behavioral Health Center, Inc. (YFBHC). We are community-based and mental health services intending to serve community members living in Florida, especially on the treasure coast. We want to focus on youth & family by offering quality preventive and curing services.


YFBHC, Inc. is committed to providing quality services to all who seek help. We will ensure that your needs for change are met, as well as, your safety and welfare are maintained.

We offer therapeutic behavioral On-Site Service (TBOS) for the clients who require intensive service on-site (school, daycare, shelter, foster homes. These services are available for children and their families within the following intervention, but not limited to... Parent Training & Coaching, Behavior Modification, Effective Listening, Socialization Skills, Effective Communication, and Anger Management Skills.

   Our Mission    

Youth & Family Behavioral Health Center aims to provide life-changing mental health services to each individual tailoring their care to reach them within their own personal cultural background.


 Jean-Mary Monval, Ph.D., LMHC  


Our Vision & Core Values

Youth & Family Behavioral Health center envisions to create a positive connection with children and families while providing them with quality services in their specific language and with respect for their cultural backgrounds. Professionals will serve the community members within the area of their competence.

Youth & Family Behavioral Health Center is one agency for all people, a “ROUTE TO HOPE" by:

  • Providing quality health care service with an option for excellence.

  • Offering service through highly qualified staff with multilinguistic proficiency.

  • Delivering health care services tailoring multicultural sensitivity.

  • Team up to encourage health care access for all.

  • Guide all who require health care access.

  • Offering evidence-based programs with sensitivity to diversity.



We are a community-based mental health service intending to serve community members living on the Treasure Coast.

We’re always just a phone call away.

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